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A Moroccan Adventure

A 1950 km, 10 days and 9 nights, 8 Riding
10 days
May 13-22, 2017, Sep 2-11, 2017

Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego

An Adventure ride to the ends of the earth TAMARBIKES
16 days
Nov 26-Dec 11, 2017

Africa Expedition

Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa – 4 countries
14 days
Apr 13-26, 2017, Oct 15-28, 2017

The Israel Classic

The best way to take a short and intensive adventure!
8 days
Jun 11-18, 2017, Nov 5-12, 2017
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The Okavango Delta Botswana - Africa motorcycle tours - Tamarbikes

The Okavango Delta - An immense inland delta. The Okavango Delta is probably one of the most important sites and stops on the TAMARBIKES Africa
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Tour Reviews

Nathan Milward, Adventure Bike Ride Magazine, UK

The Israel Classic

Heavenly surprise at the junction south of Tiberias, curved asphalt like manna on earth, Switzerland indeed! Ideal stuff for motorbike riders moving on their winding pursuit of an earthly Nirvana!

Klaus H. Daams, Motorrad Magazine, Germany

The Israel Classic

If you want to get out there and see the world, there’s no better place to start than Israel. It seems to be the fountain from which all water pours

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