The Africa Expedition first impressions – The TAMARBIKES Africa motorcycle tour – By Eytan Magen
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An epic ride through nature

The TAMARBIKES Victoria Falls to Cape Town dual ride is a classic Africa motorcycle tour. This 14 day Dual ride is probably one of the best adventure rides one can take. It is for this reason tat this tour is listed high on so many bikers ‘bucket lists’ and why it is in such high demand. TAMARBIKES’ Africa Expedition is more about a “multimedia” kind of an experience. It fuses riding challenges, Nature at its glory, extreme activities, culture and some of Africa’s finest cuisine. This Africa motorcycle tour will never let you down.

Zimbabwe – Vic Falls

This was really my first opportunity to Ride this epic ride across Africa from Zimbabwe to South Africa. Moreover this Africa motorcycle tour was also an initial venture into the heart of wild and primal Africa. Starting in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls, you get hit by this amazing natural force.  The mighty Victoria Falls. These are neither the tallest nor the biggest nor the most powerful you’ve ever seen, yet, and this is a sure thing, they are unique and inspiring. Spread almost 1.7 km wide, and plunging over 100 meters into a narrow gorge, these thundering waters leave you at owe. While walking the tip of the gorge you simply can not get enough of these sites.

before leaving Victoria Falls on our 3600 km ride south, we took the famous white water experience in this same Zambezi. Its a day of rushing through stage three and four rapids and rushing the Adrenalin through your veins at an even higher flow.

Botswana  – A land of Savannah

Roaming herds of Elephants in Botswana

Next its crossing the border into Botswana and reaching Kasane, a mere hour ride, including an easy border crossing takes you into a different world. This is Savannah land and Big game parks.  Here we took our time. sailing through the Chobe marshes sucking in sightings of herds of elephants, buffalo, hippos and crocodiles. We could go on with this for hours but the sun, and the Botswana national park ranger, are telling us its time to go.

Following on this Africa motorcycle tour agenda, after crossing a vast savannah, are the Magkalakadi Salt flats, an

The Makuroo Kanoos maybe the most famous culture landmark of the Okavango Delta

amazing phenomenon housing yet again more game and natural beauty in a dryer surrounding.


Last but not least on the Botswana tour is the mighty Okavango Delta. This inland delta, is a wander of beauty. Considered one of the largest in world, the Okavango delta floods vast parts of the Kalahari desert giving it life.

Namibia – The African Diamond

An authentic local family

Surprisingly, crossing the Trans Kalahari border crossing is not just crossing a political border. Historically, Namibia has had decades of occupation, by Germans and South Africans. Additionally, Namibia is also home to some of the most primitive tribes still in existence enabling a peek to cultures soon to disappear. Windhoek the capital, looks like a groomed bavarian bustling town.  Eventually we stop to have some of the best Apple Strudel in the world presented in old fashioned colonial china. Later that evening its a time for some beer and steaks at a local eatery, again some of the best I’ve ever tasted. However, tomorrow its off into endless deserts. I contrast to this surreal experience, we are now in the a desolated wildernes. This is the least inhabited country on earth, and the connection between all its towns is a network of unpaved roads.

Next we continue our Africa motorcycle tour south, to the dunes of Sussuvlei. These dunes are probably

Climbing the dunes of Sussuvlei

the most famous and some of the tallest in the world, so we are up at the crack of dawn to go climb them.  Next its down south to Aus.  Later we cross east to the fish river Canyon, second deepest canyon in the world (after the Grand canyon). Surprisingly,its a magnificent ride. The occasional giraffe here and there the Elephants and the hundreds of miles of wilderness and old ghost manning towns give the place its flavour.

South Africa  – The land of 2 oceans

5000 year old cave paintings

Finally crossing the Orange river border crossing we are engulfed by the beauty and lushness of the South African country side. This is no desert. We climb into the Cederberg mountain for a day of off road site seeing. Ancient paintings, natural rock formations, and recent history mix together, as a back drop to fabulous vineyards and small vileges. Its a 2 day run from the border to the cape where we will

The Cederberg vineyards the highest in Africa

explore the nature reserve as well as table mount if we are lucky with the weather.

Later as we are bringing to an end this “once in a life time ride”. Finally some time to relaxi at our 5 star hotel near the V&A wharf, shopping sightseeing and just enjoy the amazing Cape Town sun and views.  Tomorrow its goodbyes and we are off each to his own country. However sad to end we are each loaded with memories, hundreds of pictures and a whole bunch of new friends.








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