A Moto Guzzi weekend in Sardegna

Well this was an unexpected pleasure. Moto Guzzi and the Italian organizer GoBiker Invited my wife Tamar and myself to a weekend of the Moto Guzzi Experience at Is Molas Sardegna 4th edition.

The full Moto Guzzi Catalogue

As it was also the weekend of my birthday (thank you all for the blessings) we jumped at the occasion pushed aside some other plans and hopped a flight to Cagliari to start what will definitely be a great weekend of surprises.

1st Surprise – the Moto Guzzi Brand

Truth being said, Israel our home country, is not Moto Guzzi’s largest market, to put it mildly. However, Moto Guzzi is one of the first brands to enter the Israeli market some 40 + years ago, and thus it is definitely part of our childhood scene and loved by its followers back home too.

The brand

It was therefore a very pleasant surprise to finally meet Moto Guzzi in the flesh.  Great people great bikes a great heritage and a bunch of almost religious followers and lovers of a century old brand.

Once you get riding the magic begins the forward-facing V engines, the trademark of moto Guzzi, the purring sound, the Italian eye for detail, and the somewhat retro look of gages and other accessories on the bike, all amount to a unique identity of this brand.

2nd Surprise – Sardegna

It was my first time in Sardegna. So, while I was preparing asked Andrea our host how is the food going to be? “The best Italian food you’ve ever eaten” came the answer. True, Sardegna as an island has developed its own kitchen with its unique specialties and flavors, however it doesn’t get much better and after two tours in Italy these past months this island certainly offers it very differently, and very good.

The group parked for lunch

In addition, most of the day we were riding either along rocks hanging over the Mediterranean Sea or through mountain roads and passes. Both created an infinite number of outstanding vistas and endless winding roads.

3rd  Surprise  – the staff

As a boutique tour organizer, we limit our groups around the world to no more than 12 bikes on each tour this is more or less the max number you can manage safely and still have a sense of control over the group.

Smooth riding with the great staff of the factory

Here Moto Guzzi and their tour leader GoBiker lead a group of 47 bikes! However, the pace and the route were managed in addition to the tour guide and sweeper by 3 Marshals on 3 factory editions of Aprilia Tuono. These were riding up and down the peloton blocking off intersections marking the next leg and generally making everything run smoother as this long group of Moto Guzzi bikes made its way winding through the hills of Sardegna effortlessly.

4th surprise – the roads

The Moto Guzzi organization

Even though Sardegna (and Corsica) are known for the riding roads the magnitude and quality of the asphalt and the riding was out of this world. There were legs of an hour or more when you felt you hadn’t been a single minute on the center of the rubber of your tiers, unless it was to change a left hander to a right hander turn or vice versa. Endless curves for miles and miles with the right bikes and you simply can’t get enough. A truly amazing experience, and we’ve ridden on almost every continent on earth.

In summery

Proud followers

Everything came together for this weekend making it a unique experience. The riding, the people, the roads, the bikes and a great group of international riders that turned out to be a fun bunch sharing their passion for motorcycling in general and for the Moto Guzzi brand in particular,

Thank you, Moto Guzzi hope to ride, with you soon again.


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Ilan Aisic
April 29, 2018
Thanks! That was very interesting! You’ve also managed to put Sardinia on my list of places to tour.
April 29, 2018
Ilan hi Thanks for your comment. We are putting a Sardegna/Corsica tour so if you are interested please keep tabs. Ride safe please Eytan
Paul Ledger
May 3, 2018
Hello Eytan I know exactly what you mean I was on the tour before yours and it was absolutely outstanding great roads,bikes and new friends
May 3, 2018
Paul thank you for taking the time to read and respond and i am happy you liked it. We are currently in the process of building a short tour of our own which will run for 6 days and will end in the Moto Guzzi Open House in September in Mandello. We will be joining forces with the Tamarbikes tour organization and expertise and the Moto Guzzi brand (ride will be on Moto Guzzi Bikes). It will be a great Experience through the Dolomites. If this kind of activity or similar can interest you please feel free to register to our news letter and keep in touch. Thanks Eytan

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