Riding across hard territory always runs the risk of getting a flat tire. While on our last tour to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego one of the F800GS started loosing air rapidly and we had to stop and change it. Luckily Roberto our support driver was well equipped and we were back on the road

This is a first account from the road of the beginning of our TAMARBIKES Patagonia Adventure  Osorno to Bariloche We started our first riding day by heading for the Argentinian border on our way to Barilolche. The Bikes are perfect and we are off to a great beginning. The run to the border is a

Namibia  – A beautiful setting for an Africa motorcycle adventure Namibia is the third country on the TAMARBIKES Africa Expedition, an Africa motorcycle adventure spanning 14-day , 3600km and 4 countries. This Africa motorcycle tour begins in Victoria Falls Zimbabwe, and crosses some of Botswana’s finest. We reach Namibia through the Trans-Kalahari border crossing. After

The Himalaya Adventure – Riding on the top of the world! It has been the TAMARBIKES mission to bring to the motorcycling community around the world, the most interesting and exciting destinations our little globe has to offer. So, this year we’re adding The Himalaya Adventure to our offerings. As we always do we start

A Moroccan motorcycle guided tour The Moroccan adventure – a Morocco motorcycle tour was once again a combination of warm and friendly riders, mixed with great new BMW bikes in an amazing setup of mountains, culture and deserts, all of this for a tour bringing together people for an unforgettable experience. Climbing into the Atlas

  An epic ride through nature The TAMARBIKES Victoria Falls to Cape Town dual ride is a classic Africa motorcycle tour. This 14 day Dual ride is probably one of the best adventure rides one can take. It is for this reason tat this tour is listed high on so many bikers ‘bucket lists’ and why it

The get up and go spirit Thursday the 13th of April, 23:00, and Tamar my wife and I are still discussing the coming festivities of my 55th. “An amazing motorcycle ride” I say “if its up to me”. Even though I usually prescribe to the notion that my birthday is other peoples problem as is

A Motorcycle guided tour preparation! It was a delightful surprise when our Parisien friends Myriam and Jean-Louis offered us to join them for a weekend in Normandy on a brand new 2016 R1200Gs Triple Black. It would be a great opportunity to put in some panning for a motorcycle guided tour as well as try out the

The motorcycle guided tour packing list, and packing for a guided tour is usually very different from, packing for a riding adventure. When packing for an adventure, everything you may need has to be with you at all times, strapped to the bike. However,  on a guided tour you can expect you luggage (the regular kind) to simply wait for you