12 days
June 4th – June 15th, 2018

Japan Tour

Hokkaitdo/Tohoku Japan

japan tour

Tour Summary

Japan Bike Rentals invites you to join us on this truly outstanding motorcycle tour of Japan’s northern frontier. This 12-day tour combines the rugged wilderness, the open plains and the volcanic wonders of the northern-most island of Hokkaido with the rarely explored and fascinating sights of the culturally rich region of Tohoku. A delicate mix of centuries-old traditions, natural beauty, amazing cuisine and unparalled hospitality in a truly unique and fascinating land; this is what Japan is all about. Once a land closed to the outside world, is now very much open to be explored, and the best way to do it is on two wheels. So come join us for a tour guaranteed to be unforgettable. We’re waiting to hear from you.



Daisetsuzan National Park – Hokkaido’s largest and wildest National Park. | Shiretoko National Park (UNESCO world heritage listed), located at the Northeastern tip of Hokkaido. We’ll take an easy hike through a natural hot spring creek and bathe in a mineral-rich waterfall and pool. | Akan National Park – famous for its beautiful lakes. | Shikotsu-Toya National Park – the site of this years G-8 Summit in July and home to Noboribetsu, a geothermal wonder and Hokkaido’s most famous hot spring resort. Also, famous for Mount Usu —an active and smoldering volcano; don’t forget the hotdogs! The Rolling hills of Furano & Biei – this area comes alive with color in the summer months. | The Kushiro Marshlands and the open plains of Eastern Hokkaido and Obihiro. | Sapporo – Hokkaido’s largest city and Japan’s fifth largest. Here we’ll tour the Sapporo Beer factory and drink right from the spigot of Japan’s most popular beer. | Otaru — A quaint and charming harbor town located near Sapporo, famous for its great seafood.Niseko — A booming Aussie ski town. | Mt. Yotei — Hokkaido’s Mt. Fuji. | Like seafood? Hokkaido has the freshest! | Loads of flora and fauna. Maybe try your hand at hand-feeding a fox.


Bandai-Asahi National park and the lake district of Bandai Kogen Plateau. | Kakunodate — famous for its beautifully preserved samurai distict. Omagari — we’ll be in the center of Japan’s largest fireworks display and competition. You’ll wonder ‘will it ever end?’ | Aizu-Wakamatsu — an old castle town, famous for Tsuruga Castle and its historic district. | Yonezawa and Lake Inawashiro (the fourth largest lake in Japan. Ouchi-Juku — a beautifully preserved 18th century Edo Era thatched roof village. The shrines and temples of Nikko — one of Japan’s most ancient and beautiful religious centers.

Soothing hot springs MK at our hotels. | Exceptional riding EVERYWHERE! | Outstanding meals EVERYDAY!


Tour Runs:  August 22 – September 2, 2018

For other dates, please contact us

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Day 1

Leave the JB R office at 4pm. Head out to the ferry terminal in Oarai, Ibaraki, which is located about 120km N E of Tokyo. The ferry departs at 6:30pm. We will be sleeping on the ferry.

Day 2

The ferry arrives in Tomakomai, Hokkaido at 1pm. We’ll be heading north along mountain
roads until we reach the open plains of Furano, the heart of Hokkaido. Our first night will be spent here.

Day 3

The morning will be spent winding our way through the meadows of Furano and the Biei province. We’ll have morning coffee in Biei, before heading north around Mt. Daisetsu and through the Daisetsu-zan National park. Time permitting, we’ll take the cable car to the top and enjoy some great views. After lunch, we will cut a course southwest, through the Mikuni pass at about 1400m. From there it’ll be east to thevolcanic region of Akan National park. We’ll spend the night here in the vicinity of a smouldering volcano.

Day 4

The theme of the morning will be lakes. First we’ll ride by Lake Akan and Lake Penteko and
then continue through the Akan National Park, heading east. We’ll then explore Lake Kussaro and Lake Mashu. After lunch, we’re headed
north to the Sea o f Okhotsk. Once we hit the coast, it’s east to Shiretoko National Park, where we will stay the night.

Day 5

We’ll start the day with a light hike and visit a hot spring waterfall, jump in if you like! When we’re ready we’ll ride across the peninsula and then head south with views of the Russian island of Kunashiri to the East. From here, we’ll ride inland through the eastern plains and then south through the marshlands into Kushiro, where we’ll be staying the night.

Day 6

Before heading west along the coast, we’ll call in at the Marshlands observatory for a little flora and fauna watching. Next, we’ll follow the Pacific Ocean coast for an hour or so and then head inland toward the famous Tokachi Plain and Obihiro, one of japan’s most fertile regions. This will be a fairly short riding day and we’ll pull in early to give you a chance to unwind a little. There will be an optional extra ride for those who want to stay in the saddle.

Day 7

The morning will be spent weaving through farmland and soaking up the beauty of this area. There will be times that you’ll swear you’re in the American Mid-west. From here, it’s across the Hidaka Mountain range – great twists and turns here. Then it’s onto the freeway and into Sapporo, Hokkaido’s largest city and Japan’s fifth largest. We’ll be hitting a Japanese style Izakaya restaurant and in celebration of reaching the halfway point on the tour.

Day 8

We’ll make an early start and head for morning tea in Otaru, by the canals. Otaru is an old fishing town with some Russian influence. From here it’s back on the bikes, up into the hills and over to Mt.Yotei. We’ll have lunch in Hirafu town, Niseko (often referred to as the Aussie ski resort in northern Japan) and take a ride around town to find out what all the fuss is about. After lunch, we’ll keep Mt.Yotei (Hokkaido’s Mt. Fuji) on our left and head south to Lake Toya and Noboribetsu, famous for its steaming volcanoes and hell-like scenery. We’ll have an early dinner here before heading to the ferry terminal in Tomakomai, where we will board our ferry at 7:30pm, bound for Akita on the west coast of Honshu. We’ll be sleeping on the ferry.

Day 9

After an early breakfast aboard our ferry, we pull into Akita at
7:45am. Our morning destination is the town o f Kakunodake to the east. We’ll spend some time leisurely walking around and
exploring the Samurai houses and tree lined streets. After lunch we will head south to Omagari and prepare for Japan’s largest
fireworks display. The best of the best will be fighting it out to win the all Japan fireworks competition. You have never seen anything like this before.

Day 10

Today is the biggest riding day o f the trip. We’ll be heading directly south, and trying to put
some miles under our belt. This is the day you’ll see parts o f Japan that have seldom been visited by tourists. It’s off the beaten track and very mountainous. The dialect spoken in these parts requires some translation even for Japanese people living in Tokyo. We’ll be passing by Mt. Gassan later in the day and will stay the night in the Yonezawa/Bandai region.

Day 11

Today we will continue our path south through Bandai National Park, stopping along the way at Wakamatsu Castle and Ouchi Juku town, which is an old Edo style postal town. We’ll have lunch here and then get ready for
some fantastic riding as we come down into Nikko, one of Japan’s most religious areas. Tonight we’ll celebrate nearing the end o f our memorable tour with a blowout at a great Japanese restaurant.

Day 13

On our final day of the tour, we’ll spend the morning exploring all the temples and shrines in Nikko and then after lunch, we’ll take the highway back into Tokyo. Be prepared for some heat as we make our way out o f the
mountains and into one o f the world’s most densely populated cities. Expect to be back around 3pm.

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What’s Included

Motorcycle Rental Fees + Full
Comprehensive Insurance
Bike Luggage(All bikes include Top Case, Side Cases and Tank Bag)
Hotel Fees (we’ll be staying at some of the nicest hotels and Japanese Inns in the area)
All Meals (except daily lunches and all meals onboard the ferries)
Ferry Fees
Expressway Tolls
Onsen (hotspring) Fees
Park and Museum entrance Fees
Support Van (There will be a van with us along the tour route to carry extra luggage and any pillion pasengers that wish to take a break from the excitement.)

NOT Included

Gasoline fees
Fees for any traffic violations
Daily Lunches and meals on ferries
Airfare to and from Japan

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MT-07 A $7,000 $9,080 $10,320
F800GS B $7,260 $9,590 $10,830
R1200GS C $7,710 $10,230 $11,530





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Japan tour